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Dear Althea

This visual novel, full of decisions and repercussions, is a fun reinterpretation of the novel "Dear Faustina" (1897) by British author Rhoda Broughton. Each chapter is filled with beautiful, high-quality artwork illustrating all the situations and moments you will experience alongside the charismatic characters. The art you will be able to see has been made with special care in the representation of the British Victorian era, as well as taking into account the class difference that is present at all times. The video game has 41 chapters, although if you play only one of the 10 routes you will see, more or less, 25 chapters.  

Crushs Crisis

In the "Crush´s Crisis" you will make decisions in the daily life of Asdry, Laia, River and Test that will define the present and future of their relationships. Besides a mystery whose dimensions are bigger than anyone imagined.

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